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Belgin St. Cruyt Gin

Belgin have blended the best botanicals in the world with herbs and spices that are still cultivated in the herb gardens of Belgian abbeys to create St Cruyt Gin. ABV: 43% Bottle Size: 50cl Botanicals: 50 botanical gin based on the oldest known gin recipe. Awards: Gold at The Gin Masters - Super Premium Gin.

Belgin Fresh Hop Gin

If you're a beer lover, then Belgin Fresh Hop gin should be on your bucket list. The love of gin and hops is encompassed for the first time in this delicious, unique and delightful blend. This Belgian gin puts aromatic Belgian hops at the center and complements it with a selection of 16 botanicals including Juniper, soft coriander and citrus peel. ABV: 40% Bottle Size: 50cl Botanicals: 16 botanical gin with fresh green hops. Belgin Fresh Hop is crafted with fresh aromatic Belgian hops, juniper berries, soft coriander and a combination of citrus ingredients such as lemon peels from the mediterranean, cardamom, lime and Italian Bergamot. Awards: Double Gold WSWA, Gin Masters Gold